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Why Social Commerce?

Finding new customers online used to be a simple and straightforward process because Google automatically indexed all websites and consequently customers who were searching for keywords related to your products would automatically be delivered there. Unfortunately in 2011 this situation changed dramatically because Google adjusted its search algorithm and now ranks traditional commercial websites much lower than non commercial websites. Google has created a situation where most commercial websites have no choice but sign up for paid advertising services. The consequences of the so called Panda Penguin Hummingbird and Hawk algorithm changes have been dramatic, with many commercial websites experiencing more than 50% reductions in organic traffic, some as high 90%. As a consequence, commercial websites now either have to pay Google for search traffic via their Adwords service, participate in publisher driven advertising networks, or adopt a Social Commerce strategy such as that operated by Merchant Marketers that doesn't rely on organic search or traditional advertising.

There is some good news

80% of businesses use social media

Are you promoting your products on the social media platforms used by your customers?

90% of buyers trust peer recommendations

Are you fostering, monitoring and replying to online reviews of your brand and products?