Merchant Marketers develops social commerce solutions

Merchant Marketers works with manufacturers and service companies seeking to outsource the online marketing, lead generation and e-commerce functions of their business. We empower our partners to focus on product development and manufacturing, while branding, packaging, distribution, logistics and legacy advertising responsibilities may be incorporated into a comprehensive agreement with Merchant Marketers, handled internally by the manufacturer, or assigned to third-party agencies. Agreements are structured to leverage economies of scale while maximizing the expertise applied to each task. The interests of Merchant Marketers are aligned with our manufacturing partners as revenue sharing comprises the largest component of our compensation.

For many product categories, traditional distributor networks and brick-and-mortar retailers are an antiquated solutions that can't compete in today's social media driven economy. Allowing dozens or hundreds of independent retailers to deliver disparate messaging regarding on behalf of your company and products is unlikely to deliver the best results.

Our proprietary social media marketing platform marries our vetted influencer portfolio of nearly one million personalities with tailored e-commerce solutions. Merchant Marketers systems operate on redundant clouds, and are built with an enterprise e-commerce framework operating a billion dollar store, ensuring we can scale marketing and sales as our partners scale production. We work exclusively with companies where our research indicates a multi-million dollar annual sales opportunity exists, whether such sales will occur online and/or at brick-and-mortar locations.